by | Nov 9, 2012 | Ruminations

The small town of Greenville, Illinois didn’t have a hospital in 1952.  My mother gave birth to me in nearby Highland, IL two weeks after my due date.

They did that back then.  C-sections were rare.

I was 10 lbs, 11 oz.

I’m thrilled to have lived well this long…but I’m anxious about being “60”.

You might be able to escape the “old guy” label in your 50’s, but the sixties is a definitive gateway to “elderly”.

Bring it on!

My personal goal is to live a robust, larger-than-life, outgoing and active existence until the good Lord takes me.  The previous 59 years shows I certainly have the capacity for living and loving life in that manner.   A complete physical I had earlier this year revealed some of  the best numbers I’ve ever seen, and I’ve been running, bicycling, and playing racquetball since 1975.

The heart beats strong.

…it’s the head I’m worried about.

Ha Ha Ha!!!!

God bless you on this day for being my friend.  Besides my family… friends have been one of my greatest joys and encouragements.

…and God bless my mom, who passed away at Greenville’s OWN hospital 8 years ago.




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