Whither WoVo?

by | Oct 3, 2012 | VO Business

‘Glad you asked!

There are some things I can tell you, and some things that discretion bids me not to tell.  None of it is horrid, and most of the reasons for the recent hold-up are substantially human.

After a flourish of activity from April through July, our feisty crew of Executive Board members suffered some Summer doldrums, and some technical hang-ups.  We’re all busy people, and we also got our come-uppance in the vagaries of organizing a massive dream and doing it right.

But now, after problems solved, after VOAToday… after VOICE2012, and on the cusp of FaffCon5, World-Voices Organization is moving into action!

Those of you who are/were present/former SaVoa members AND who have expressed an interest in a World-Voices.org membership, will be getting a newsletter emailing with an application this week.  Others (hundreds of you) who are not or were not associated with SaVoa, but also expressed an interest in WoVo will be getting your application form shortly following.

Our fee structure is quite modest.  The application fee is $25 (waived for present/former SaVoa members).  Once the application is rec’d and approved, The applicant will be encouraged to be an associate or an apprentice member based on the application.  Both membership levels cost $49/year.  There is more explanation of all this, and is included in the mailing you will be receiving.

In addition, the World-Voices.org website is updated to include these developments, and the latest information.

I think you’ll be happy with the organization we’ve all created this year.  Our thanks to John Florian of VoiceOverXtra.com for his constant support and posting of our “Best Practices” documents over the last few months.

Many of you have offered help, input, suggestions, tangible assistance, and technical/clerical skills.  We feel we have a truly collaborative GUILD, that will serve members well and grow into something valuable for us all.  Thanks!!!




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