How to Sally Forth

by | Oct 14, 2012 | Ruminations

One really needs a vacation to get over your vacation.  Ya know?

This time, I kept Sunday in reserve to get back on track, and even that wasn’t enough.

The idyllic Midwest Farm downtime was just what the shrink ordered.  But…facing a week’s worth of work undone, catching up to email, and licking my wounds at not be able to attend FaffCon5 is just downright depressing.

I mean it.

I was sullen and despondent most of the day Sunday.  Lethargic.  Spacey.  Resentful, and yes, a little angry.  Gone was the bucolic memory of Autumn colors on the Illinois countryside.

I get like this sometimes, and you know what I do to claw my way back?  I force myself to work.

When the right mind is not there, right actions will lead you to it.

I vacuumed the carpet and washed my car….starting to feel a little spark…MADE myself write my Aunt Dorothy in Cedar Rapids, IA, and send her pics of the farm…somehow a semblance of structure was starting to form in my mind…composed some invoices, and began an audiobook chapter…now I was clicking!

How does it work?  I have no idea…but I know it does…for me anyway.

By the time 6pm rolled around, I was ready to help guest co-host EWABS…sitting in for the traveling Dan Lenard…and my attitude had mostly turned around.  I say mostly, because I have yet to face the TV newsroom and the cacophony of demands on my time THERE.

But I think I’m going to live.  Yes, I think I’ll survive.  Just…next time…I’m going to take a week to get over my week-off…and even that probably won’t be enough.





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