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by | Oct 14, 2012 | Ruminations | 2 comments

One really needs a vacation to get over your vacation.  Ya know?

This time, I kept Sunday in reserve to get back on track, and even that wasn’t enough.

The idyllic Midwest Farm downtime was just what the shrink ordered.  But…facing a week’s worth of work undone, catching up to email, and licking my wounds at not be able to attend FaffCon5 is just downright depressing.

I mean it.

I was sullen and despondent most of the day Sunday.  Lethargic.  Spacey.  Resentful, and yes, a little angry.  Gone was the bucolic memory of Autumn colors on the Illinois countryside.

I get like this sometimes, and you know what I do to claw my way back?  I force myself to work.

When the right mind is not there, right actions will lead you to it.

I vacuumed the carpet and washed my car….starting to feel a little spark…MADE myself write my Aunt Dorothy in Cedar Rapids, IA, and send her pics of the farm…somehow a semblance of structure was starting to form in my mind…composed some invoices, and began an audiobook chapter…now I was clicking!

How does it work?  I have no idea…but I know it does…for me anyway.

By the time 6pm rolled around, I was ready to help guest co-host EWABS…sitting in for the traveling Dan Lenard…and my attitude had mostly turned around.  I say mostly, because I have yet to face the TV newsroom and the cacophony of demands on my time THERE.

But I think I’m going to live.  Yes, I think I’ll survive.  Just…next time…I’m going to take a week to get over my week-off…and even that probably won’t be enough.





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  1. Marc Scott

    I totally understand where you’re coming from. When I went to the Canadian East Coast this summer it was my first real vacation in probably 10 years. My first couple days back I was in a huge funk. But like you said, I forced myself back to work.

    I love the idea of a week off to get over a week off. I’m budgeting for that next year! 🙂

  2. Debbie Irwin

    You must have gotten the gist of F5 anyway, Dave, because the last thing we did was compose a sentence about ourselves using the word, “track”.

    Even folks who were at the conference felt some pangs of frustration at not being where they want to be, knowing what they want to know, achieving the ‘success’ they envision for themselves…. in whatever form(s) they take.

    Life is overwhelming before vacations, after vacations and even during them.
    But like Gloria Gaynor said, we will survive!


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