Here’s a Scary Thought for Halloween…

by | Oct 31, 2012 | Advice

…there are just two months left to 2012!

…and if you are into the whole Mayan Calendar prediction…there’s not even that much time. (but the positive side to THAT school of thought:  you won’t have to worry about buying Christmas presents!).

I point all this out…not to overstate the obvious, but to perhaps offer a few creative suggestions for getting your VO house in order for the end of the year, and in anticipation for 2013.

I’ll be pedantic and use a mnemonic: FOCUS.

FACE the remaining two months with a can-do attitude.   Sure, all those great political commercials are gone, now, but what about Christmas and other holiday client opportunities?  Get out there and make November and December count on your 2012 profit/loss statements!  (BTW, “F” also stands for FaffCon6 in San Antonio)

OUTSOURCE the difficult, lingering, overbearing, or stressful jobs that you’ve been procrastinating to another freelancer who can get you over the hump (editing, bookkeeping, web-authoring).  You can’t do everything yourself, and you give another freelancer some work!

CUT your losses and move on.  There’s surely something in your method, your business plan, your workflow, or your audio chain that’s been a thorn in your side all year.  Sure, you spent a lot of time or money to make that thing happen (and maybe you’re even proud of it), but if it’s slowing you down, or a constant irritant…it’s time to let it go!

UNDERSCORE to your slow-paying clients that the end of the year is nigh, and it’s time to pay up.  Don’t be rude, just firm.  They’ll respect your business acumen, and YOU for standing up for yourself!

SCRIPT a plan for the new year now. Revamp your business’ goals.  Are your books in order for the tax-man?  What conferences are you going to atttend in 2013?  Time for a new demo?  When’s the last time you were coached?  Is it finally time for a new computer?  You know.  YOU KNOW what it is that needs a fresh look.  Plan it!

Honorary mention:  Give a pat on the back to those who have helped you along the way.  Maybe it was a small thing to them, but you need to let them know what a big thing it was to you.  A word of appreciation goes a lo-o-o-o-o-o-ng way.

Happy Halloween!




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