Five Ways FaffCon Helps Us All

by | Oct 1, 2012 | FaffCon

Almost exactly two years ago the first Faffcon was born.  I shared that experience with about 35 other believers.

Now the 5th Faffcon is about to launch with a purposely limited list of just over 100 attendees, and the roster filled up within hours.  I won’t be there, but I’m a guaranteed beneficiary of the event.


FaffCon is a culture-shift.  Faffcon is a watershed Voice Acting phenomenon whose hydra-like tentacles will touch most aspects of this business.  Those who attend are the best of the best of the best.  They’re passionate, committed, curious, magnanimous, savvy, and willing to share.  The 2-and-a-half-day encounter will raise awareness among our kind, and raise the bar in your mind.

If you’re not already on the list, you will not be going to Charlotte two weeks from now…but here are 5 ways you’ll benefit:

1)  You’ll hear about if from someone who attends, and they will infectiously share a nugget of information that you need.
2)  You’ll see it on Twitter, FaceBook, Storify, Blogs, and Newsletters (including pictures of smiling friends), and you’ll get several nuggets of useful information you can use.
3)  The weeks ahead will see new ideas, motivations, thought processes, and paradigms that were spawned by Faffcon.
4)  Your name will be mentioned by someone there to someone else who’s there, and you become included in the FaffCon family of inside information.
5)  The knowledge shared will raise VO standards everywhere for rates, technology, VO business models, demos, client relations and more.  You can’t NOT notice the effect

Honorable mention:  You won’t be able to STAND not being at another one, and you’ll end up going to FaffCon6 and be forever changed.

Mark my words, in some grand or perhaps subtle way in the months ahead, your VO business will see a benefit from FaffCon.  It’s that big.

Attendees:  take copious notes on a free CourVO spiral notebook, and let us know what you learned.

The rest of us:  Plan on being the grateful beneficiaries of our friends’ largesse!


(see Faffcon Fact Sheet Below)


Voiceover Unconference Welcomes Professional Voice Talent Beginning October 12

CHARLOTTE, NC – September 26, 2012 – The eyes of the voiceover world will be on Charlotte, NC October 12-14, 2012 as FaffCon 5 (, presented by, takes place inside the Omni Charlotte Hotel. This event continues to be produced by professional voiceover talents for professional voiceover talents.

Voice talent from around the world (Australia, Great Britain, Canada, United States) have come to FaffCon since it began in 2010.  The objective for participants and guiding principle behind FaffCon is very simple- “Get What You Need, Share What You Can”.  FaffCon continues to provide a very educational, interactive and fun environment that encourages peer-to-peer professional development for all unconference contributors (who are nicknamed “Faffers”).

Since the success of peer-to-peer learning depends on all participants being peers, FaffCon is unable to open registration to individuals who are not already working pros.  The event was the brainchild of Los Angeles, CA voiceover talent Amy Snively who, with her team of volunteers from the voiceover community, has produced every FaffCon since its inception.

Other fast FaffCon facts:

The FaffCon 5 schedule can be accessed here:

FaffCon 5 sold out in under 7 hours (a new FaffCon record)

FaffCon 6 will be held in October 2013 marking a shift to an now annual event

The location for FaffCon 6 will be announced to Faffers on Sunday, October 14th during the
Sunday luncheon

The name FaffCon is a compound word.  “Faff” meaning to spend time doing a lot of unimportant
things, wasting time. and “Con” meaning an argument against. Therefore, “FaffCon” is an argument against spending time doing unimportant time wasters, especially where our VO career is concerned.

Registration to FaffCon is limited to 100 professional voiceover talents who are vetted by a
committee to ensure their level of experience matches that of the other attendees

Previous FaffCons have taken place in Portland Oregon, Atlanta, Georgia, Hershey, Pennsylvania
and Ventura Beach, California ( is the presenting sponsor of FaffCon 5




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