VOAToday, Week-3 Winners Announced!

by | Sep 21, 2012 | VO Business

This was a tough, unsexy question for Week-3.  ‘Hard to post a picture with it.

It involved talking about the guts of running a business, and that’s where lots of us fall short…so this week may actually have the most value for us in real terms.

Almost 40 people, though, participated, and the answers were all golden…a peak inside creative solutions to daily issues.

Winners are chosen randomly using a random number generator from a total population this week of 37 respondents.
Thanks everyone for your awesome input!

1st Place
Rowell Gormon

  • One year’s free membership to Bodalgo
  • An EWABS club membership ($750)
  • VoiceOverEssentials.com: Adjustable Boom stop

2nd Place
Genevieve Baer

  • Your choice: one of three Edge Studio classes
  • Your Choice, one of three VoiceOverXtra  webinar recordings
  • EWABS:  a CLEAR SPOT 4G WiMax WiFi Modem ($100)

3rd Place
Debbie Irwin

  • EWABS Producer Katherine Curriden 2-hour PR/Marketing consult ($300)
  • VoiceOverXtra: PaperBack Edition of “VoiceOver Legal” by Robert Sciglimpaglia
  • Future Bettye Zoller Webinar on VoiceOverXtra of winner’s choice

Special Prize Winner This Week Only
Jeanne Fishman

1/2-off Registration for FaffCon5-Charlotte
and guaranteed entry



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