3Desk, Enable Talk Project, and VideoBlocks

by | Aug 15, 2012 | Web Resources

Wednesday — out of nowhere — I got a rash of LinkedIn connection referrals to a new freelance P2P site called “3Desk”  Like Elance, and Odesk, and Thumbtack, and about a gazillion other sites, 3Desk (it appears) is a marketplace for local freelancers, and freelance-seekers.  The site says:  “…Our Goal is to create the simplest platform for employers to hire the best freelancers, contractors and consultants who work ‘in-person’…”  You can read the rest of their business model on the 3Desk FAQ page.  It’s free to sign-up and list.  They claim to “…charge a small % of a candidate’s daily rate…”  Let me know if you have any luck with this site.

The Enable Talk Project has a small or a great connection to voice-overs depending on your attitude toward communication, I guess.  As part of the Indiegogo.com site, the Enable Talk Project has the following goal:  “…“Enable Talk” project aims at solving the problem of limited communication abilities for the disabled people who know sign language and to transform it into a form of verbal communication. The goal of our project is to create a mobile device that can continuously recognize sign language phonemes…”  Go ahead!  Give it a look.  ‘Seems like a worthwhile cause.  It’s an entrepreneurial endeavour seeking funding, but if you read through their proposal, you’ll see it’s incredibly innovative (and pretty technical)…but altruistic.  Fascinating!

Finally, my thanks to Jordan Reynolds for bringing this to my attention.  VideoBlocks.  Stock Video, Motion Backgrounds, Production Music and After Effects, all downloadable from this site.  VideoBlocks says:  “…Videoblocks is the first subscription-based resource for downloading and you get unlimited downloads to everything on the site…”  VideoBlocks offers a 7 day free trial.  You’d really have to need their products on a regular basis to make it worth your while, though.  Yes, the downloads are unlimited, but a basic membership is $79/mo.

I’ll be adding VideoBlocks to my blog article:  50+ Royalty-Free Music Sites.





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