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by | Jul 10, 2012 | VO Business

Lest you think the early ardor and energy to launch WOVO has waned, here’s a status update that should offer some perspective.  Hardly a day goes by that there isn’t a flurry of emails between our little band of comrades.

We have at least two committees that have been particularly busy (tech standards and membership), and let me just say that Kat Keesling not only survived the Colorado fires, but is a particular gem of a human being who continues to produce wonderful solutions to sticky problems regarding digital databases, cloud utilization, and organizational issues.

Below is the full text of a brief newsletter that’s going out today.  Some of you may receive it by MailChimp delivery.  Others might see it online elsewhere…but the message is the same:  we’re about to evolve out of a period of foundational development to a full-fledged active organization realizing our dreams through membership sign-ups and participation.


Dear WoVo supporter:

You deserve to know where your interest in our group has gotten you so far.  Thanks for your patience.
Since April, and the launch of World-Voices.org, forward progress never stopped…our organizational hurdles continue to fall one-by-one.

Here are the latest challenges, achievements, and plans:

1.    A world-class, community building, and information-sharing website is all-but-finished.  We’re providing Andy Curtis (the author) with the final graphics and direction for completion.  A few of us have been using it already, and it’s got a FaceBook-like feel.
We’re determined and committed to making WoVo representative of high professional quality. The ability to begin taking membership information and membership fees has been at-the-ready for at least 2 or 3 weeks.  We’re chomping at the bit to begin this process.  Here’s the hold-up: We want a seamless, user-friendly system that s easy to navigate and understand.  So while we could launch a membership drive today, our CRM, database, and payment-portal configuration is still in the final stages of development.  Its not easy, and we want to get it right.  Our founding documents are finalized and posted.  They may be changed or tweaked in the future, but we’re moving forward on these building blocks.

2.    The mechanism for opting in/out has already touched your mailbox, indicating our mass-mailing newsletter delivery is working fine.

3.    We’ve also configured a phone number and message mailbox for people to call with questions and comments.

4.    Finally, you’ll be hearing of our much-requested tiered-membership design, as we put the finishing touches on this innovative structure.

We’d be disingenuous to put a stated timetable to all this, because “stuff happens”…but rest assured our resolve is not waning, and our excitement for what the future holds for WoVo is only growing.

We thank you again for your support and patience.

The World-Voices.org Executive Board
Dustin Ebaugh, Pres., Dave Courvoisier, VP., Kat Keesling, Sec/Treas., Dan Lenard, Tech Review, Chris Mezzolesta, Membership, Andy Bowyer (at large), Rob Sciglimpaglia, counsel



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