Griffith Interviews Wolfson

by | Jul 24, 2012 | Interview

Gerald Griffith is steadily building a city within Atlanta.  VoiceOverCity.

We here on Voice-Acting in Vegas firmly support enabling the VO community at large, and Gerald hits all the right notes with his site.

Last week, Gerald conducted a lengthy interview with the Rolls Royce of VO coaches — Producer Nancy Wolfson — and the result is a must-listen (warning: almost two hours).  I know I’m frequently an advocate for Wolfson on this blog, but if you’ve worked with Nancy you know…if you haven’t worked with Nancy, I’m tellin’ ya…you should.

The info Wolfson dishes out in this free interview would be worth the price of a monthly deposit on a NYC apt. if you were so inclined.  But especially for those who are seeking a foothold in the voice acting world…this interview is golden.

BTW, if you aren’t aware, Nancy Wolfson has a number of valuable products available on her website:  Also, click for a special offer: Your VO Business.

Below is the recording.  Thanks for the good interview Gerald & Nancy!




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