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by | Jul 17, 2012 | Heads Up!


VoiceOverCity.com looks like another one of those sites I’ve been writing about lately…the proliferation of online VO places where you can interact, be a part, and get some information, maybe even some new clients.

I think Steven Lowell of V123 is behind this one, but I haven’t had the chance to ask him yet.

Included, but not yet apparently developed or populated yet, is a forum, a classifieds section, a blog, an events calendar, and a directory.

There’s also a few blog posts already included, and a newsletter subscriber form.  This is a WordPress.com site, and a nicely-designed one at that.  ‘Wish I knew more, but just thought you should maybe put that on your radar screen.


Also, as of yesterday, a posting on WattPad.com was still looking for voice-actors for a video sims series.  ‘Might want to check it out…she apparently needs lots of voices…but no mention of what compensation is involved.

See:  http://www.wattpad.com/forums/discussion/253810/need-voice-actors-for-my-story-anyone-interested


THAT’S VOICEOVER is getting closer, and if you can make it to Chicago for this one-day blockbuster event August 25th, I’d highly recommend it.  Rudy Gaskins and his wife Joan Baker pack a lot into the day, and some of my favorite people will be contributing:  Nancy Wolfson, Dave Fennoy, Pat Fraley, Christopher Currier (fr. Sennheiser/Neumann), and Bill Ratner just to name a few.


If you were at VOICE2012, your ship has come in!  Executive Producer Penny Abshire writes:  the VOICE 2012 recordings are now available for FREE to those who were paid attendees if the convention and FOR SALE to those who were not. Just go to www.voiceconvention.com and click on the DOWNLOADS menu tab on the left. Follow the instructions and you’re good to go!  (or see:  http://voiceacting.com/voice2012/Downloads/downloads.html)




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