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by | Jun 21, 2012 | Subscription Services

My fear is that I’m always late to the party with the content of the post I have for you today, but then again it could be you HAVENT’ yet heard…and even if you HAVE…it might be a good reminder.

First AudioCatch“where any media project that requires music, sound effects, or voice over work can find just the right artist to complete the job.”

The site claims to be in Beta…and as you can see, it’s not specifically for voice-artists.  Yet, I’ve seen sites of this ilk generate fairly decent jobs from time to time.  I have had no experience with this start-up…I am not registered (yet), and as such, this is not an endorsement…just a pointer to a possibility.  From the looks of it, I’d guess P2P?

Next, PieHole.  This is an Irish-originated site originally billing itself as a service that worked with production houses as script-writers, and dabbled in linking-up voice actors from time to time.  That has changed.  Now they’re moving into full-fledged Voice-Acting P2P site, and their headquarters are in Santiago, Chile (although they keep an office in Ireland).

I’ve written about PieHole before….and I’ve been featured on their blog.  Until today, I THOUGHT I was listed on their site as an American Male talent, but apparently I’ve been deleted at some point.

Anyway, at VOICE2012, I had a very pleasant chat with one of their main operatives from their Chile office, and I’d still highly recommend this service.  As I’ve said, this site has morphed into a voiceover marketplace.




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