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by | Jun 7, 2012 | Coaching, Techniques, Training/Education

Admissions with a hush.

Producer and Voice Over Coach Nancy Wolfson creates her own original lingo for getting her point across in acting for advertising, and it’s spot-on.   Admit the obvious, and tinge it with an urgency or a hush.

In this 13th and final video excerpt from her HOW TO SOUND REAL AND NAIL THE SALE package of VO tips, Wolfson dishes on one of the most ubiquitous copywriting devices: the tag.  The tag is usually a short phrase, that — as Wolfson says — engenders trust in the product or the company…and gets you to buy their stuff.  You’ll encounter “the tag” in what?…4 out of 5 radio and TV spots?  That’s a guess…but you might as well learn now how to deliver it…because you WILL see it — a lot!

So, watch this meaty excerpt, and learn another word Wolfson invented:  “happify”.


You can also watch the video here:  http://www.braintracksaudio.com/soundreal/13.html

See? You don’t need to make the listener feel happy about it, you just need to explain it.  OMG that sounds so simple, but when we try to DO it in the booth we wanna put so much on it, and “spin” it…but it just needs to be said or admitted.

All of Wolfson’s material is original and smart.  She’s dissected this corner of the universe with surgical precision, and is the grand poobah of all she surveys, ’cause she created it from experience, analysis and real-world results.  Ask any one of a barrel-full of working graduates, and they’ll all tell you the same:  Nancy Wolfson knows her stuff.

While there’s nothing quite like the visceral time you spend in session with Wolfson one-on-one, this packaged video of 127 tips from her Acting for Advertising treatise is by far the next-best value.  A steal, really.  Check it out at HOW TO SOUND REAL AND NAIL THE SALE.

Braintracks Audio:  A logical approach to Voice Acting.

A TRUE tag!


(P.S. My thanks to Nancy Wolfson for involving me in her 13 week promotion for this video)



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