WOVO Docs Revised

by | May 22, 2012 | VO Business

World-Voices organization has been working diligently in the background to put down for the record, for all to see, what we believe are some bottom-line standards for codes of conduct.; not only for voice-actors, but for producers and voice coaches.

For the last 3 weeks or more, we’ve been actively soliciting feedback, comments, suggestions and help.  The response was extremely encouraging.  Many offered to help.  Others sent in their thoughts.  There was a lot of back ‘n’ forth…writing and re-writing…emails and phone calls.

Just over the weekend, we arrived at a point where we think the wording is VERY close to final.  We’re still seeking final suggestions, and would welcome yours, as we want WOVO to be transparent, and a community-participation guild.

Would you consider reading these docs and telling us what you think?

You can find them on the temporary WOVO site.

The docs are also embedded here:

Suggested Codes of Conduct for Voice Talent:  CodeofConductVoiceTalentCPM051312.doc
Suggested Codes of Conduct for Producers:   BestPracticesProducers051812.doc
Suggested Codes of Conduct for Coaches:    BestPracticesCoaches051812.doc

You can reach the members of the WOVO executie board at:  [email protected]




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