TwoFer Monday

by | May 7, 2012 | Heads Up!

Yeah, I know…it doesn’t exactly sound right, but on this first day of the work week, these two reminders:


The iPhone app is now available for free download and install.  I first noticed it being in the App Store at 2am PST.  There is no iPad app per se…but like all other iPhone apps, you can install and run it on your iPad too

I blogged about the app Friday.  Right from the installation and on through the log-in and use of the app, you’ll feel right at home with the branding look and feel of this app (that is, if you’re a subscriber).  Voice seekers, too, will recognize the familiar navigation and feature elements of the web-based  The interface is very intuitive, visually appealing, and a cinch to navigate. The Ciccarelli’s — as usual — have done their homework with the seamless marriage of content and technology here.


We Sooooo take our physical speaking apparatus for granted, don’t we?  We just expect the ole voice to BE there whenever we need it.  That is, unless you’ve had allergies, or some laryngeal illness, or you yelled too hard for too long at your daughter’s soccer game.  THEN you start to think maybe the vocal cords are NOT an endless resource.

The voice-box is an organ that deserves to be protected, nurtured, and methodically cared-for.  Among her many other talents and abilities, VO coach Bettye Zoller is passionate about vocal health.  There’s a helpful webinar on that tonite with Bettye, but first try taking this quick quiz on the topic:

Yeah, I didn’t get ’em all either.

If you noticed at the bottom of that article, you’ll see this link to the VoiceOverXtra webinar on vocal health: Your Vocal Health
Learn Truths – Shatter Myths

This would be a worthwhile and affordable webinar to brush-up on the basics of vocal cord health, as she’ll be joined by a leading voice physician from the Dallas area for the session.




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