Free Software!!

by | May 11, 2012 | Software

No, really!

There’s a ton of it out on the internet, and some of it is very good, stable, feature-rich, and virus-free (think Audacity).

But OhEmGeee there are SO many scams out there associated with software downloads.

Still, two top sites consistently shine in offering indexed, categorized, and updated software downloads guaranteed to be virus-free (well, as much as they CAN guarantee…I’d say 99%).

ZDNet and Cnet are the two.

OK, pipe down you IT pros!  Maybe you DO know everything there is to know about software downloads, but don’t spoil it for the rest of us.  You’ll have a chance to make your suggestions below in a second.

Here’s the link to the ZDNet download page:;header-pri

And here’s the link to the CNet download page:;brandnav

Both offer “most popular”, “newest”, and “most downloaded” “Editor’s Choice”, etc. lists…plus their software vault is searchable by terms.  Seriously, these lists and software banks have some great stuff, and are worth a look for simple solutions to some of your voice-over tech issues.

Now, what’d I miss?  Do you have a favorite software download site that outshines or equals these two?

Please!  Let’s hear!  I look forward to your suggestions!




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