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by | May 22, 2012 | Fun Stuff | 0 comments

Sooner or later, most everyone makes it to Las Vegas.

Take Carolyn (CC) Petersen for example.  Oddly enough, here’s a voice-over professional who travels around the world (just got back from Germany), but had never been to Vegas.

What drew her and her husband Mark to the desert Southwest?  A solar eclipse. They viewed it Sunday evening from an optimal place in Southern Utah:  Zion National Park.

CC is deeply involved in science presentations, especially astronomical ones.  Sheesh, her and Mark have a mini-planetarium in their basement!  She contracts out with the Smithsonian and does celestial presentations for tourists on cruise ships as they ply the waters of…well…everywhere there are oceans.

Not a bad gig, huh?  And you thought voice-overs were limited to commercials, e-learning and radio imaging!

I thoroughly enjoyed their visit over vittles at the Peppermill in Las Vegas after my late news.  Thanks CC!




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