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  1. Paul Hernandez

    Well Dave I’ll throw in my two cents. I am bi-lingual and have landed some of my VO work as a result of being being able to speak Spanish.

    My parents are both Cuban and left Cuba before Castro took over. My dad was offered US citizenship and actually served in the US Army during the Korean war because my grandfather was born in the states. My parents are both huge American patriots and like me, have been less than pleased with the bi-lingual trend we’ve seen happening, especially in schools where in our opinion, it seems to make it easier for Spanish speaking students (and parents) not to have to learn our native language, English. I think we spend a lot of money printing things in other languages instead of helping those folks to learn to speak English. This will be the end of my rant on that subject.

    Now having said all that, I have reaped the benefits of speaking Spanish. My VO marketing is primarily English but I have been able to land jobs simply because I speak Spanish. I mainly stick to short form when it comes to Spanish because as you mentioned in your blog, there are so many nuances and dialects to consider and then add in all of the nuances that go into creating a good VO in any language.

    So to answer your questions:
    1) I don’t know that it’s doubled my exposure but it has given me some opportunities and jobs I would not have landed otherwise.

    2) It has not doubled my income but helped to add to it.

    3) I use the same rates as my English VO unless I have to also translate then the rate goes up considerably.

    • CourVO


      I’m so glad to hear you say these things. Lately, living in Las Vegas, I’m hearing more Spanish than English. My father was a native French speaker, but NEVER spoke it around the house. That was just the way it was back then…you wanted to be an American in every way…especially language. Not so anymore… everyone seems to raise the flag of their PAST country proudly….which makes me wonder about their patriotism. Oh, well… I guess I’m an “old guy” now.

      I wish my father HAD taught me French, but that doesn’t mean I’d expect food labels, voting instructions, and ATM machines to be stated in French, too. It’s just a new age. Now, I’m considering going back to learn another language for the very reason you mention.

      Thanks for stopping by and sharing, Paul.


      Dave Courvoisier


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