World-Voices Organization Launches

by | Apr 26, 2012 | VO Business

For those of you who were unsure what the fallout from SaVoa would mean to your accreditation, we have some official announcements to make:

1) is now incorporated, chartered, officers chosen, and a website up and running.
2) Non-profit status is practically completed, as are the proposed by-laws.
3) Our unique tierd-structure of membership is being brainstormed, and we seek your input.
4) We’re dropping the word “accreditation” and will be using “certification” instead.
5)  We’ve already sunk hundreds of our own dollars into these moves, and I think that means we’re serious.

Some Voice-Actors didn’t give a hoot abSout SaVoa, and while we respect that point-of-view, we ask only that you come with an open mind to what we have to offer with our new concept for a true GUILD of voice over professionals.  Members helping members raise the standard of competency within the profession.

Our founders are Dustin Ebaugh, Dan Lenard, Chris Mezzolesta, Robert Sciglimpaglia, Andy Bowyer, “Kat” Keesling, and myself.   All are SaVoa ex-patriates.  With certain obstacles out of our way, we’ve been able to organize, conceptualize, implement, and carry-out an amazing array of technical, foundational, and legal collaborations in just a matter of days.

Below is our official News Release. It’s important to read — if, for nothing else — to see our official pithy-sounding verbatim quotes!  🙂

Please note the web address, and the email addresses for sending us ideas, comments, criticisms, or other notes.

We’ll have much more to tell you in the coming days.



For immediate release:  Wednesday April 25, 2012

 World-Voices Organization Is Founded.
Freelance Voice Artists To Have Their Own Industry Association.

 Las Vegas, NV.   World-Voices – a member-driven and member-controlled organization — will set standards of professional quality and skill to produce recorded audio in a home environment for the expanding commercial market. It will also serve as a guild to train voice artists on how to attain those standards.

Advancing technological changes in digital audio recording, and the ability to produce that audio in a home based setting, is prompting rapid growth to the voice-over business.  With the growth of this new cottage industry, the Founders of a new VO association and guild representing freelance voice artists who work out of their homes announce the opening of World Voices Organization.  (

Founding President, Dustin Ebaugh says “…It was time to create a certification organization for the members, run by the members and existing to serve only the members.”

Mr. Ebaugh and the other founders — five other respected members of the world -wide community of home based voice over artists — filed their not-for-profit incorporation documents today in Nevada.  A website presence is imminent, and invitations will go out in public notices for people to join.

The newly established World-Voices Organization will also actively work to promote certified members to potential voice seekers through its website and in an aggressive marketing campaign.  Materials explaining a proposed structure will be posted on the website.

Founding Executive Vice President, Dave Courvoisier says “All of us organizing members have well-worn experience in another group that failed to value the deep well of member resources.  We plan to use that strength in collaboration, and we’re excited about helping others.”

“The home-based voice over industry has grown exponentially in the last 5 years.” says Founder Dan Lenard, VP of Technical Standards. “And its not just commercials on radio and TV.  Businesses use of the Internet for advertising and promotion via their websites, a changing audiobook publishing industry, and the rapidly expanding use of computer E-Learning material via the Internet also has created a demand for talented voice artists.  Voice artists who can cost effectively create the audio at home for this are in great demand.”


[email protected]

Dustin Ebaugh, President [email protected]

Dave Courvoisier, Executive Vice President [email protected]

Dan Lenard, Vice President of Technical Standards [email protected]

Chris Mezzolesta, Vice President of Membership [email protected]

Kathleen Keesling, Secretary/Treasurer [email protected]

Andy Bowyer, Founding Member [email protected]

Legal Counsel:  Robert Sciglimpaglia  [email protected]



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