Finding Your Oasis

by | Apr 22, 2012 | VO Business | 8 comments

This picture is from the heart of Nevada.

Yeah, Nevada…home of endless desert, the Nuclear Test Site, craggy brown mountains, and hot hot Summers.

But the oases are there if you look for them.

Today, I’m in Boise, Idaho.  I drove the length of Nevada and into Idaho on Saturday, and stopped along the way to get pictures like this.

I drive because driving fills my soul.  It’s cathartic…and as the miles roll by, they become my moving mental oasis.

In Boise, I dedicate my time twice a year to meetings as a member of a board of directors for a non-profit organization.

It’s one of about 4 boards of directors I’m on.  I don’t do it because I enjoy tedious meetings, and financial reports.  I do it because it’s worthy work, and I am fulfilled by contributing.

Recently I removed myself from a board of directors.  I thought the work was worthy, the vision clear, and the results contributory.  I thought I was helping to create an oasis for peers to build their reputation.  Instead it began to tear away at my reputation.  The oasis became a quicksand quagmire.  Drinkable water there became tainted.

Luckily, I’m not alone.  We never really are.

Comrades have joined me arm-in-arm to create — not find — but construct, a new oasis.  We’re determined.  We have big, level-headed, altruistic plans.  In intense collaboration, the foundation is quickly being laid, and fresh water is flowing in…abundant and clean-tasting.


In my driving wanderlust, I enjoy the serendipity of discovering the surprise oasis.

How much greater the joy of an oasis designed through steadfast relationship and shared with honorable intentions.




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  1. Andy Boyns

    …and your cup overfloweth.
    Great post CourVo – there is unexpected joy and goodness everywhere we seek it. Opportunities to be met. Potential to be fulfilled.
    Thank you for your part in this for me and all those others fortunate to be associated with you.

  2. Dustin Ebaugh

    Great blog Dave! My thoughts are very similar, you are just much more eloquent, and you have a blog. 🙂 Nice work my friend.

  3. Paul Strikwerda

    We all need a time and a place to recharge our batteries. We can’t give what we don’t have.

    In this no-vacation nation called The United States, it can be hard to take a break. When voice actors do, they still feel the need to bring all kinds of gadgets on their trip in order to stay connected and not miss a single audition.


    Einstein was one of those geniuses who was most creative when he wasn’t completely absorbed in work. He often got his most fundamental insights as he was doing something completely different.

    Sometimes we just need to shut up and shut off.

    And truly listen to what that voice inside is trying to tell us…

    • CourVO

      Thanks for that, Paul… no surprise, the drive back was even more fulfilling than the drive up!

      Write soon, write often!

      Dave C

  4. Rick Lance

    NICE blog, Dave!
    And a smoooooth segue!

    I enjoy driving places for the very same reason as you… it’s a gorgeous country we live in!

    I’m looking forward to discovering the new oasis!

    • CourVO


      I knew you’d understand. Let’s plan on a drive-in meet-up sometime!


  5. Miné Bilgé

    ” The mastery of proper fundamentals and their progressive application is the secret of being a great fighter…..
    ENERGY saved by *sound mechanics of form* can be utilized in the
    *longer persistance* or the *more forceful expression* of the skill. ”
    _Bruce Lee_

    Creating a new one, or finding the “previous OASIS” may give all of us, some freshly-breathable perspectives of vision.
    Thanks for sharing your own perspectives, CourVO! 😉

    • CourVO

      Thanks for stopping by and commenting Miné…you’re always welcome here…

      Dave C


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