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by | Apr 3, 2012 | Software

Stuff I find (or people send me) that just might make your VO business run a little more smoothly:

We love Gmail, but even with all it’s functionality, and  dripping with G+ integration, still someone found a way to improve it.

How ’bout scheduling your email to send later?  Seems simple enough, but it doesn’t exist in the native program.

Here are two plug-ins to solve that:
Right Inbox:

Boomerang for Gmail:

Both install pretty seamlessly and show up on the Gmail interface when you need ’em.

Here’s another tip:  this one is an app called Doddle iOS(Android here).

The application is billed as a “call sheet” for the film industry.  I’m not gonna pretend I know what that means…but I will say you can list yourself on this site as a talent, and when producers or casting agents need a voice talent, ADR, narrator, etc., it’d be nice to see your name pop up, now, wouldn’t it?  I guess that’s what the “call” is?

Go to their website first, and fill out the talent application:, and click on the “CLICK HERE TO GET LISTED” button on the right side.  The program leads you through a sign-up process that opens an account for -zero- dollars.  Having said that…Doddle gives you several different occasions to pay for the privilege of making your listing stand-out, and for adding such things as your web-address and social media presence, etc.





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