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by | Apr 10, 2012 | Technology, Training/Education


Jeff Kafer has carved out a successful niche for himself with determination, savvy, and entrepreneurship.  Proof that he’s a success in the field of narrating, producing, and casting audiobooks comes with the invitation from top AudioBook coach Pat Fraley to co-host a weekend workout together.  Pat  — of course — is…just…the best.  ‘Nuff said.

You’d have to go to Seattle (Jeff’s home-20) to attend, but Seattle’s beautiful in April, and it’d be worth the trip.  You’ll get individual coaching with your reads, lots of insider information about the audiobook business, and you walk away with working demos for your reads.

Click here for all the details on AUDIOBOOK READING ROYALTY.


Google docs makes life so easy sometimes.  If you’re not using it, you could be missing out on some serious productivity shortcuts…and it’s free with your Google account.  ‘Need a nudge?  Read this article: 52 Great Google Docs Secrets for Students.  Yeah, I know it says “for students”, but that’s just because it’s posted on the site “Online”.  Believe me, 99% of these tips are applicable to anybody who wants to maximize their use of Google Docs.


USB is everywhere there’s electronics …and USB charging cables are so ubiquitous you wonder why no one’s come up with a USB jack attachment for your hair dryer yet.
No, but how ’bout USB electrical outlets?  No joke…you can actually have them put in your house (or DYI), and save those USB wall warts hanging out of every available standard outlet.  Check it out on Gizmodo, and find out why it’s so cool, and yet soooo disappointing in its design.




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