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by | Mar 22, 2012 | FaffCon

FaffCon4 begins this Friday, and I’ll be there.  Will you?

That’s great, because I’m going there to see you…and you…and you…and you…

If you’re  not going, please watch for our posts on FaceBook and Twitter.  Follow the hashtag: #faffcon (duh)

I love social media for the immediacy it brings to communication in all its different forms.  Even though only a hundred voice actors out of possible thousands are attending FaffCon4, most of the rest can find out what’s going on scant minutes after it happens.

However, BEING there is preferable.  Social media is foreplay to the real deal:  meeting the person in the FaceBook avatar…shaking their hand…offering a hug…engaging in some person-to-person conversation.  ‘Nothing like it.  That’s great for a weekend…I’ll be walking 2 feet off the ground for a while after FaffCon in Ventura.  Then it’ll be back to distance-based communication.

Never before in the history of voice acting has there been the kind of close-knit community we see today.  Many of us like to say we work in isolation.  That’s true, but I sense that most of us hanker for association, and now the social networks offer that in spades…or not.  You don’t have to be sociable, but I don’t see a downside other than a rare spark-up over political preferences.

So the occasional pop of a meet-up like FaffCon gives relationship legitimacy and intimacy…but social media…even the phone and text, give it legs…endurance.  I’m much better when I work among, with, for, and at the request of others.  Humans are meant for association.  Sure, I like my man-cave once in a while, but when I work in a community of like-minded peers, I’m inspired to be better and to give more.

BTW, if you are going to be monitoring news from FaffCon — aside from the #FaffCon hashtag on Twitter, watch for notices from Derek Chappell, who will be providing Storify summaries of the tweets and FB posts.

Thursday, I pack!





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