There’s a kind of hush…

by | Mar 27, 2012 | Training/Education

…all over the world, tonite  (ho boy…you gotta be really old to get this reference!…I admit, it was a reach).

Today’s blog features this week’s episode (#3) of a series of 13 Nancy Wolfson video tips for “How To Sound  Real, & Nail the Sale

Yeah, THAT Nancy Wolfson:  uber voice acting coach and producer.

Previous weeks’ topics have included “Forget the Pronoun”, and “Untangle Your Tongue”.

Today’s video deals with “The Active Hush Technique”.  Broken down mathematically to its purest form:  Vocal Tension + Low Volume = Active Hush.  BTW, I love this tip, and find it useful on many auditions, but for appropriate application…please check with Nancy first!

These videos are just a taste, and yes, you’re encouraged to buy the whole series, but, hey, in the process, you get 13 unforgettable tips that will leave you wanting for the rest.  More about that later.  Right now, just take a look at this quick synopsis of today’s topic:  “THE ACTIVE HUSH TECHNIQUE”.


You can also view the video here:

All of Wolfson’s excellent audio and video offerings are available on her website: BRAINTRACKSAUDIO.COM.

Full disclosure: Wolfson plied me with alcoholic beverages and McRib Sandwiches to coerce me to plug her series…NOT!  I’m a proud alum of her VO coaching, and gladly pass along these videos each week, especially knowing the ultra-reasonable price she’s asking for these 127 tips in the video HOW TO SOUND REAL & NAIL THE SALE.

Next week:  The Mood to Choose in Acting for Advertising.






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