“SuperSocials” Speak!

by | Mar 1, 2012 | VO Business

Momentum for June’s VOICE2012 conference at Disneyland is building.

Almost everyday there are some new announcements, developments, or added value.

Terry Daniel and I are reprising our seminar on Social Media from the session in 2010.  Since that time, a LOT of Social Media water has crossed under the bridge, and for the 2012 conference, we’ve brought in the big guns for our presentation: Trish Basanyi. Trish actually participated via a video segment in our 2010 event.

The three of us are unabashed apostles for the value of Social Media to your Voice Acting marketing plan, and found a formula that worked for a VoiceOverXtra Webinar not that long ago.

Social Networks keep growing and changing, and we’ve added tons of new information to our presentation (changing by the day!) so you will be on top of the latest.

Take a listen to a little ditty the three of us put together to promote our session on the VOICE2012 website.  We’re gonna have fun, and we hope you join us!

Thanks to my awesome partners Terry and Trish for helping with this fun promo!





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