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by | Mar 7, 2012 | VO Community | 4 comments

…that’s why I took on the added duties recently of Marketing Director for E-Learning Voices.com, and Commercial Voices.com.

The two sites are the brain-child of Rick Gordon of Ottawa, Canada.  Actually, Harlan Hogan helped Rick with the inception of E-Learning Voices, but Commercial Voices has been around a long time.

When Rick was here in Vegas few weeks back, we sat down over lunch and had a long talk.  About two days later, we sealed the deal:  I work my tail off for Rick, and he gets to boss me around.  Sounds like a pretty good deal, eh? (I threw in the “eh?” for my friends North of the border).

Seriously, I wouldn’t be spending my time on this if I didn’t smell a good Social Media challenge.  You can expect to see a little higher profile for these two sites on the social networking sites building in the weeks ahead.

For all the official verbiage…read the official press release, written by an official marketing director, eh?




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  1. Jodi Krangle

    🙂 Congrats, Dave! I’m sure you’ll do an excellent job. 🙂

    • CourVO


      Thanks for the attaboys!

      Dave C

  2. Derek Chappell

    They are smart to get the Best! Congrats my friend!!


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