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by | Mar 25, 2012 | FaffCon | 5 comments

Put a fork in FaffCon4.  It’s over, but never forgotten.

As is always the case, I’m walking about two feet off the ground…my head packed with ideas, inspiration, and intimate memories.

The folks on the staircase are all the volunteers who covered all the infinite details to make this unconference the success it is.

Bruce Miles engaged in some silliness during the Sunday lunch…

All the attendees are gifted, special people.  In a niche corner of the entertainment business already populated by supportive, encouraging, creatives…THIS enclave of past, present and future Faffers sets the pace for us all, in terms of leadership, talent, and relationship-building.

I think I got around to everyone to touch base, but if I didn’t, my apologies. I’ve collected copious amounts of bizcards, and plan to follow-up with emails to many of you.

Among the best of the best in attendance is Doug Turkel, a thinking man’s Voice Actor, and an accomplished pro in ways I want to rise to when I grow up.  I couldn’t leave without snapping a shot of the two of us.

Those of you who touched my 48 hours in Ventura in a special way, please know that I am humbled by the gifts you give me with your acknowledgement of me as a fellow voice-actor.  There is no greater compliment for me.

If you didn’t attend this particular FaffCon…no worries, there will be others, in fact Faff5 is already announced: Charlotte, NC, October 12-15, 2012.

A number of us had to break away from the post-FaffCon goodbye mixer…to catch a plane, or make an appointment.  It’s always sad to see the instant attrition from the ranks of our close-knit group…but inevitable.  My wife and I drove through two solid hours of Southern California rain before reaching the high Mojave desert on the way back to Nevada.

As she took the wheel, and I dozed during a portion of the return drive, I smiled at the fleeting and drifting faces and memories of the weekend.  I count my blessings at times like this.  FaffCon4…like the other such unconferences I’ve attended, has once again grown my appreciation of the finer natures of voice-over colleagues.

You have graced me once again.





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  1. Philip Banks

    I read the whole account, from arrival to departal. Enjoyed every word.

    Now..Back to work. Have a great week.

    • CourVO


      Thanks for your visit here and taking time to comment.

      I’m already back to it!

      Best to you and yours,

      Dave C

  2. Juliette Gray

    Very poignantly put Dave. I like the drifting faces metaphor. Great seeing you.

    • CourVO


      Thanks for taking the time to read and comment. ‘Great getting to know you better in Ventura!

      Dave C

  3. Mike Coon

    Dear Dave:
    Thanks for posting your experience from the weekend. It was great to meet you in Ventura Beach. Faffcon4…Amy and her team pulled off another fantastic “unconference!”


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