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by | Mar 12, 2012 | FaffCon

You haven’t heard much from me, here on Voice-Acting in Vegas about FaffCon4.  Sheesh, the thing sold-out in, like…I dunno…a couple of hours?

One of the pluses about THIS un-conference is that the seating is limited.  That’s so YOUR seat has the same great view as everyone else’s!

Unlike other events with open enrollment, FaffCon4 didn’t need a lot of promotion.  Word-of-mouth alone led to the sold-out sign going on the door in short order.

Everyone in VO-land benefits from the lucky 100 attending FaffCon, ’cause like SXSW or TED, the ripples of inspiration and innovation spread out to the larger VO community.  I find it so inspiring that this event grew out of a collective spirit on the VO-BB in the first place, and then has thrived under the careful and tireless watch of Amy Snively (and a dedicated corps of her associates — Chief among them:  Pam Tierney, Connie Terwilliger and Peter O’Connell).

Yes, there are those associates, and then there are the supporters (and considerable cross-over).  I suppose you could count ALL the attendees as supporters, but then there are those who extend themselves even  further and become official supporters. is the 800 lb Gorilla in that respect. and their fraternal twin — — are the “Presenting” sponsors.  Everybody’s friend Bob Souer is the “sustaining” sponsor, and “key supporting sponsors” are Mara Junot, AudioTechnica, and David Goldberg’s Edge Studio.

The next echelon of help comes with the title, “Supporting Sponsors”, and that’s where I fall…’been there for 3 FaffCons, now.  And I’ve got great company, including BSW, Moe Eagan, Liz de Nesnera, JS Gilbert, Rich Owen, Bobbin Beam, and GA Voiceovers.

At the next level of support comes the “Contributing sponsors”.  They include a who’s who of Voice Over people and organizations:  The Dallas Voice Acting Meet-up group (brainchild of Cliff Zellman), Sound  Advice (Dan Friedman), Harlan Hogan’s VoiceOver essentials,,, The VO-BB, d3 VoiceWorks (Diane Maggipinto), (Hervé Chain), Melissa Exelberth, VoiceOverXtra (John Florian), and VoxMan (Corey Snow).

So there you have it.  The point here being:  if you love FaffCon and all it stands for and all it gives you, then you might consider patronizing the above list of sponsors with whatever sort of support you feel they deserve (Peanut Butter cups are fine for me, thankyou!).

On that 3-day weekend — Mar 23, 24, & 25th, watch for a surge of social media info comin’ across the transom on Twitter, and FaceBook especially, and I’ll be blogging, of course, from Ventura beach.

If you’re going…I can’t wait to greet you…if you’re bypassing FaffCon this time ’round, I can’t wait to fill you in on all the great stuff we’ll discuss.

Thanks to Peter O’Connell for the reminder to thank our sponsors.







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