Turning Conversation into Cash

by | Feb 21, 2012 | Social Media/Networking

Why does the internet generation “get it” about social media, and most of those 30-and-above tend to struggle more with it?

Some of it is just the expectation of the promise and familiarity of online technology.

But most of it has to do with adapting tried and true relation-building principles to this “New Media”.

In that sense, there’s not much new under the Sun.

As trite as it sounds.  It all begins with a conversation.  Kinda like hitting on a prospect at the dance or in the bar, there’s gotta be an opening line (cold call), and the best opening lines are delivered after gauging your prospect (warm call).  There’s also the distinct chance of rejection.

If they don’t answer your email, or respond on LinkedIn…is it that different from not getting a reply to your letter or phone call?

The basics of human interaction in the dance to dollars, as I see them, in a side-by-side comparison old v. new:

Phone, letter, postcard

Email, Tweet, FB Post

direct engagement

targeted tweet/post





trust over time

trust over time

Hmmm….that’s interesting…the final three points are exactly the same!

That’s great, Dave…you say…but I’m much better writing a letter or talking on the phone than spending my time (usually stated as “wasting my time”) on Twitter or FaceBook.  Writing on New Media platforms is actually much more economical and brief.  It’s not hard!  Honesty and good content are never wasted.  Be yourself, in either medium…that’s the trick.

Like a phone-calling, or letter-writing campaign, the key to remember with Social Media is that it’s a marathon, not a sprint.  You will gain the other party’s confidence and trust first BEFORE you even mention what it is you do.  By that time, the deed is done…the sale is made!  You’ve made a friend first, and then a client.

Among the key concepts I’ll be sharing at VOICE2012 with Terry Daniel and Trish Basanyi is the idea of capitalizing on relationships, and building new ones using tried and true principles as old as humankind ON A NEW PLATFORM.  Don’t get hung up on whether it’s Google Plus or FaceBook.  People are people!

For starters, take a quick look at this article from Social Media Today, written by a kid named David Johnson (well, he LOOKS like a kid to me!)  LinkedIn, 5 Ways to Turn Casual Connections into Financial Windfall.

It’s pure gold as far as I’m concerned.




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