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by | Feb 22, 2012 | Ruminations

Ted Williams was smart.  Where’s my placard and street corner?

Forget inviting the avalanche…I’m still waiting for the snow to fall.

In 2012 so far, I’ve had a total of 4 voice over jobs.  No actually,  just 3…one of those was a carry-over from 2011.

Here’s where I trot out the fact that I have a full-time job as a TV news anchor in one of the most high-profile cities in the world…so that’s my default excuse.  Yeah, right.  It’s true I can’t give the full attention to VO that I’d like, but as many of you know, that hasn’t stopped me much.


In late 2005, I decided VO would be my exit plan from TV.  I threw everything I had into my dream…including tens of thousands of dollars in equipment, coaching, conferences, demos, subscriptions, online memberships, materials, travel, domain names, and the list goes on and on (and on).  That doesn’t take into account the untold hours of late-night auditioning, blogging, and working social media.

You’d think 7 years later, the offers would be pouring in .  They’re not…and I’m not…giving in, that is.


Here are my thoughts at this juncture:
#1 – Success is close – no question…I’m poised.
#2 –  Helpful friends, willing supporters, and a good reputation are at my disposal.
#3 – I have time to finish my taxes  😉
#4 – AFTRA was happy to take my first year’s membership fees (not that that’s a panacea)
#5 – Freelance work is by nature peaks and valleys (gotta remember that.  After all, I unexpectedly had a kick-butt December)
#6 –  (corny as it may sound) NOW is the time for me to REALLY work hard.

ABOVE ALL: This lucky wake-up call and slap in the face is a gift.  Why?
A)  This is an opportunity to re-examine key parts of my business plan
B)   Now is my chance to revamp my marketing, promotions, client prospecting and follow-up schedule.
C)  What better time to commission a new demo?
D)  Here is the moment to dig deep and be honest about my strengths and weaknesses.
E)  This is the point at which I look at the ROI of what I’m doing.  What doesn’t work, I cut my losses.  What does work, I amplify.


Yesterday I got an email from a voice actor I don’t really know.  He was seeking my advice.  He was frustrated.  He only had one steady client, and it was tenuous. He was auditioning without results.  He thought he was doing everything right, but was unsure what the next step was.

Boy Howdy!  I felt flattered, but unqualified to give him answers.

How many of you are there?

I’m telling you I’m there too, and I’m not giving up.

How big is your dream?  How determined is your spirit?  How far are you willing to go?  What tough decisions are you willing to make?






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