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by | Feb 9, 2012 | Subscription Services

VoiceBunny is making its official debut.

Many of you caught wind of this effort many months ago as the developers leaked a little information on Social Media.  Hard answers were scarce, though, and that early PR may have jaded interested parties for a while.

Now VoiceBunny is fully out of the hutch.  I don’t think it’s any secret that this site is a product of Alex Torrenegra, the founder and developer behind Voice123.com.  With this site, Alex brings in his wife: Tania Zapata, and the staff includes Tara Tyler, often seen previously as an employee over at V123.

This is not your daddy’s P2P.  Torrenegra is launching a whole new paradigm that is dependent on an API (Application Programming Interface) that — according to early information — directly connects both sides of the voice-over job transaction. (I know, this is confusing…see below) eliminating the entire auditioning and bidding process.

Registering on the site is simple and takes only a few minutes.  During registration, there is Social Media validation of your identity, and part of the process is choosing the rate you would accept for jobs of the length of 5 words, 50 words, 500 words, and 5,000 words.  In essence you are being asked to declare, in advance, your minimum rate tolerance.  There is no cost to be listed on the site.

A memo has been circulated mostly to essential VO sites and developers.  VoiceOverXtra’s John Florian was one to receive the release.  An excerpt from that release says:  “.. with VoiceBunny, Alexander and Tania are trying to speed up the process of getting a great voice recording in just minutes by getting rid of the auditioning process through an API. VoiceBunny opens the door to a new land of voiceover opportunity that may be unfamiliar to some, yet is a valuable source of revenue for anyone working online…”.

Florian asked if I wouldn’t do a little further research on this announcement, and subsequently, I had phone conversations with both Torrenegra and Tyler.  As a result, they both promised to return some answers to a list of pointed questions which I have posed to them by email.

John and I both expect to get some more explicit answers (in layman’s terms — especially on how the API works) within the day, and that interview will be posted on VoiceOverXtra (likely Friday).

In the meantime, if you are at all interested, it probably won’t hurt to visit the site, and register.  This site is likely not designed for those with union and/or agency representation…although it wouldn’t be fair to exclude such parties out-of-hand.

Torrenegra is clearly within his area of expertise with this new paradigm.  The challenge may be in convincing clients and voice talent of the workability of his new concept in voice-over.








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