The VO Success Pyramid

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…Lets make that the (PERCEIVED) VO Success Pyramid…

‘Defined as a hierarchical representation of the levels of work/success/challenge/acknowledgement/accomplishments traditionally accepted as reasonably desirable in our field.  By nature, the pyramid is tiered from lowest-paying and least prestigious to the best-paying and highest profile jobs available to the voice actor.

OK, Dave, but why?…why put it on paper?…what’s the advantage?

Only to benefit us all with a global view of what’s available to us, and how the different levels reflect the accepted market for compensation and opportunity.

You may be working in 2 or three (or almost all) levels at the same time.  Pay levels for one level may actually match that of higher (or lower) level within different silos of job descriptions.

If nothing else, think of it as a healthy exercise of describing the job sphere for voice actors.

Below is what I’ve come up with so far.  (click on the pic to enlarge)
It’s not complete!  I’ve got links below for how you can collaborate and change/augment/fix/ contribute to the pyramid, which is also available in .pdf format here: VO Success Pyramid

As I said, I’ve put “place-holder” descriptions for each level with some of the more obvious and conspicuous jobs that are being held by various professional working  voice actors.

This is a collaborative Google Doc.


Collaborate on this document.

With that link directly above you can add, suggest, augment, change, delete, omit, and otherwise totally fulfill or mess-up this document, so I’d ask you to please honor this idea in the manner it which it was offered, and not be destructive.

Or just email me your suggestions, and I’ll add them myself:  [email protected]





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