P2P Only for Union VO’s?

by | Jan 13, 2012 | Subscription Services

You know I live in Social Media.  Because I’m unable to market my VO services in my own community of 2-million people, I reach out.  Social Media IS my marketing plan.

I see things.  I see a lot.

One of the things I saw the other day was a post by the prolific and well-respected voice actor Pat Duke, on the VoiceOverUniverse FB Group:

That piqued my interest!  Mostly ’cause I’d never thought about it.

I just assumed Union Voice Actors were in the mix on V123 and Voices.com under psuedonyms, Fi-Core, or blatantly skirting union rules.   But really…why not a P2P (Pay to Play) for Union talent?  Well, despite some fervent cajoling from people I greatly respect, Dave Courvoisier is still a non-union talent (waiting to see what SAG/AFTRA does with their merger talks)…and a Union P2P would REALLY make me feel left out.

So I trotted on over to RealTimeCasting.com.au and began the registration process.  The site clearly states that they are a proud supporter of MEAA, Equity, ACTRA, AFTRA & SAG, but nowhere in their online FAQ’s did I see that you were unallowed if you weren’t union. My registration sailed through with only a request for my agent agent’s name, which I found in their provided list.  Maybe only Union jobs will be offered, which would certainly leave me out in the cold.

Not only did I find it an easy site to navigate, but right there on the front page was a great offer:  “RealtimeCasting registration for Voice Artists and Studios is FREE until June 30, 2012”.

I’m not entirely sure how much hope I have that this non-domestic P2P will start piling up audition requests in my email box…but I have to admit that Germany-based Bodalgo has done well by me so far, so I’ll withold judgement.

Right now, all I can do is thank Pat Duke, and pass along this information.  I guarantee, you’ll find the names of people you recognize on this site who’ve already registered.




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