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“Pay-it-Forward” became a cliché the day after the movie of the same name was released.

But no one’s come up with a better way to briefly phrase the ethic that extending value IN ADVANCE of reward, holds great promise as a lifestyle, a marketing plan, and a business plan.  I try to live by that creed in this blog, and I can’t tell you how many times it’s payed dividends.

One of the gents I greatly admire in the voice over business is Bill DeWees.  He’s left behind a number of successful endeavours during his life, and is now making the voice-acting business look easy.  Note, I say “business“.  That’s how Bill treats it, and therein lies his success. That’s a familiar theme among the more seasoned pros.

Even though he’s a voice actor, Bill is maybe just as well-known for his pay-it-forward brand of how-to videos.  See the Bill DeWees channel on YouTube.

Yesterday on my Voice-Over Friends  FaceBook Group, Bill posted a link to an instructional video he produced as a live seminar recently.  You can view it for free, and in my estimation, there’s a gold-mine of VO business strategies in just the first hour, and then the show continues with valuable Q & A.  Please make an effort to watch as much of this as you can afford.

Among the gems in his presentation are reminders to treat all your past customers as future prospects through consistent follow-up.  Along with newsletters, postcards, emails, and phone calls, Bill shared that he uses the SmartContactTool to help automate some of this duty. When you click on that link, you end up on a site called Happy Grasshopper.

And then it hit me!  That’s how I met Bill! He had seen my blog about Happy Grasshopper from March of last year, and later contacted me to say thanks.

See!  Pay-it-forward brings its own rewards in due time, or to paraphrase:  What Goes Around Comes Around.




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  1. Anthony Gettig

    I couldn’t agree more, Dave. Bill’s videos helped me “wake up” and realize I am a businessman. It’s like the light switch went on. Just because one is sending invoices doesn’t mean they realize they are running a business!

    I think Bill really understands the voiceover business of *today*. I’m not worried about the glory days of yesteryear and the big bucks on union bookings. I want to be a working voiceover, not a big name. Bill really gets it and shares the secrets…which are actually pretty obvious and not secrets at all if one is paying attention. 🙂

    And the Happy Grasshopper thing? Totally worth it. Every month I send a quick update through this I book something. Every. Time. YMMV.

    • CourVO


      Thanks for your comments. Oddly enough, even though I told Bill (and by extension, you) about Happy Grasshopper….I’ve never used it myself. So, who’s stupid?

      Now I’m gonna hafta!


      Dave C

  2. Billy James

    Bill is one of the most generous guys in the biz. And he really knows how to make an impression.

    I dropped him a quick email a while back to say thanks for his YouTube postings. He responded not just with a note, but a personal video clip that let me know he’d visited my site, listened to the demos, and even had a couple of tidbits to share with me specifically. All completely unsolicited. It was a tremendously impressive thing that I’ve never forgotten.

    Bill offers his ideas and experiences to the VO community not just for self promotion, but because, well…that’s the kind of guy he is.

    • CourVO


      I’m not so sure. I think it’s the Billy/Bill thing. A “Dave” doesn’t even have a chance in that equation. Actually, I always wanted to be a “Bob”…but there’s too many of those guys, too.

      But, you’re right about DeWees… he’s the kind of guy who gives kind guys a great name!

      Dave C


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