VoiceBank v. Voice Registry

by | Nov 15, 2011 | Coaching, Marketing, Training/Education

Are you clear on the difference between the two?

I really wasn’t sure, so I did a little digging.

VoiceBank.net and VoiceRegistry are run by the same people.

According to their website:  “The Voicebank.net system connects over 150 of the top voice over Talent Agencies to over 1600 Ad Agencies, Animation Houses and Production Houses around the world. ” 

And VoiceRegistry:  “The purpose of voiceregistry is to continually educate actors (novice to seasoned) about all aspects of the voice over industry and provide actors, when ready, with an opportunity to seek representation or additional representationy.”

All cleared up?  Yeah, me neither.

This whole mental exercise started when my fellow Vegas VO bud William Brady told me that he signed up for VoiceRegistry and was attending the “weekend workouts”.  He even got some personal feedback from seasoned pro Bill Ratner.  Bill talks about it in his blog.  Bill says he was told that since he didn’t have agency representation yet, he could not be listed on VoiceBank, but could sign-up on VoiceRegistry.  Further, that if he participated in the workouts, he could end up being scouted by the agents.

All this got me to thinking.  I keep running into VoiceBank at Faffcon Unconferences, ’cause they’re the major sponsor.  Amber Dahlin of VoiceBank is wonderful, and The VoiceBank Blog is mandatory reading.

But being a true lunkhead…I still wasn’t clicking on what was the reason for the two sites.  I’m listed on VoiceBank through my agent, but I can’t really log onto the site.  Wassup with that?

So, I wrote them and asked.  Chris Miyamoto of  ‘support’ replied:

“Voiceregistry is the site specifically for actors and gives platinum members access to the weekend workout. 

 Voicebank is designed more for business to business transactions, but actors can take advantage of getting more exposure by subscribing to the red star feature. The red star feature is a service that we administer from our end and does not use a login by clients. It simply links your name to a designated website of your choice and helps to give added internet exposure.

An actor can only login to Voicebank if they would like to subscribe to the digital delivery services we offer. This delivery service does not give access to projects. It is strictly a service that will allow you to upload a file and email a link out that will connect to your upload. Most actors who need this service use it to send extra large files (like video or super high quality audio files). I think of it as being a secure ftp service on steroids.

Since the 2 sites (Voicebank and Voiceregistry) are totally different and they each need their own login. “
If you have any other questions, please feel free to email or call us. These are great questions, and we are working to clarify the two site’s services better for our users.

OK, that helps…I think I have it figured out now.  If you still need answers, I must say the people are VoiceBank are very helpful.  If you are already listed with VoiceBank, you might also consider paying extra for the red star next to your name that links casting agents directly to your website.




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