Take a Day

by | Nov 9, 2011 | Ramblings/Off-Topic

All my professional life I’ve never been able to take off my birthday.

The all-important November TV ratings period happens in November, and unless you’re coughing up blood, you’d better be at your post in the newsroom.

But while I’m physically present, that doesn’t mean I have to be mentally, spiritually, or psychically present…anchoring the news doesn’t really require that — amazingly enough — and I choose to be mostly absent as an act of defiance.  I just think it’s important for your sanity to “take a day” once in a while, for no good reason, but for the fact that it will save you.

Similarly (easy to type, hard to pronounce), I plan to be vacant here on this site for a day as well.  But living up to my commitment of blogging at least once a day during the business week, I offer the following attributed to Ghandi.  You may have seen it posted before on social media…I hadn’t until yesterday, and I found it especially poignant.  I hope you find something in the following words that touches you in its wisdom:





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