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by | Nov 29, 2011 | Software

Word2Wav is an innovative software product designed to record voice over projects that require an output of many many separate soundfiles….usually an E-Learning production, but not always.

Word2Wav imports your document, recognizess the portions into segments, presents you with the copy, records according to whatever inputs you normally have in your studio, acts as recording DAW software complete with editing and effects, and then it automates the resulting files into the desired multi-file output.

Works, great….but since it’s configured a bit differently than most recording software packages you’ve seen, the learning curve is a bit longer too.  Now there are some helpful tutorials available on YouTube to explain things.

Acccording to Hervé Chain, the developer, “…The video has been divided in four parts, following a typical Word2WAV session:
Part 1 – Audio Setup and Script Import
Part 2 – Recording;
Part 3 – Audio Editing;
Part 4 – Batch Processing.

Search “Word2WAV” on YouTube or go to http://youtu.be/tkRdk1N5ijo
There is also a Word2WAV overview video on the home page of our website (www.word2wav.com)…”

Check out the software, and if you already have it, check out the tutorials…you’ll be surprised at what you’ve missed in the feature-set.





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