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How have I missed this one till now??!!

AudioEloquence seems to be the Holy Grail of pronunciation-help sites.

It claims to be the “Research and Pronunciation Site for AudioBook Narrators”…but this resource seems to have it all, and would be a great aid to any VO project.  Linguistic Tools, Translators, Dictionaries, Interactive Reference works…and on and on and on.

I’ve blogged about pronouncer sites before, and that list is plenty helpful, but this!  Sheesh…it seems to be an even more definitive list.

Check it out!




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  1. Richard "DarkspARCS" Nelson


    Heyyo y’all, was surf’n this here blogamacallit site and wuz wunder’n if’n these programs they are off er’n wud, lirterally speak’n mindya, allow a text ta speech render’n of text blocks like’n this here paragraph I just so happent ta post here and productiv-ily create the exact vocal pronunciation this here post is reckoning to achieve.

    Jest ‘cos I’ma herald’n from the Ozarks an Voice Ova Act’n is my sole means of support’n my famlay, Will this here blogamacallit project hep me ta become a betta arteest? Do ya think ita hep me tawk like English folk?


    lol, couldn't resist Dave… Sometimes my chaos driven mind produces ideas and scenarios I just have to get out and share the laughter with. It seems that audio eloquence is the equivalent of a vocal etiquette tutorial site, I'll have to check it out, thanks Dave!


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