Of Mics and Men

by | Aug 26, 2011 | Mics

[No offense to the female gender of course…but the play on words just doesn’t work any other way.  :)]

No other iconic symbol overshadows our business more than the microphone.  Even the most satisfied Neumann or Lawson or Peluso Microphone user has a nagging suspicion somewhere in the back of his/her head that there just MIGHT still be a microphone better suited for their use out there somewhere.

Endless forum threads attest to the fact that the search for the perfect microphone is a highly personal decision, and that it is often an extended tale of trial and error…listening and learning.

Blue Microphones has a new offering called The Reactor.  (~$500 most places)

Their website states: “…Reactor fuses an innovative pattern selection method with a swiveling capsule head for perfect positioning, and features Blue’s premium condenser capsule, fully discreet Class A solid state components, and proprietary preamp for simple live switching between patterns (Cardioid, Omni or Figure-8).”

It IS  techno-geekoid-looking gizmo that obviously has precision-manufactured lines.  How much does the LOOK of a microphone influence your at least trying a mic on for size?

Do you understand all the terms? Cardioid, Hyper-Cardioid, Polarity Patterns, Condenser, Large-Diaphragm?  I confess I’m weak in this area.  Is it important to know all that?…or just find a mic that works well for you…and sounds right for your voice?

In just a few days, I’m going to be revisiting this topic in a big way, and asking for your input in a forum that might benefit others.  I hope you’ll be willing to help.




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