A Year Ago…

by | Aug 24, 2011 | VO Business

…I was hatching a crazy idea to declare September “NATIONAL VOICE OVER APPRECIATION MONTH”.

You’ll notice, I didn’t give myself much time.

With the urging and help of VO Pro Peter O’Connell and the graphics savvy of Amy Snively, I quickly cobbled together some resources, a little assistance from my VO friends, and the whole enterprise gained some momentum.

The remarkable result was an enthusiastic response that lasted a whole month, prompted a busy website, and led to several compilation :30 and :60 PSA’s.  Remember?

That website (well, most of it) can still be found at http://www.nationalvoiceovermonth.com.  There, you’ll also find the compilation spots.  They’re really good, if you haven’t heard them in a while…or not at all.

You’d think with a whole year to plan a sequel, I’d be able to build the Titanic.  That wasn’t the case, necessarily.  A few people had…well…reservations about the need for such a “holiday”.  A number of seasoned pros made valuable suggestions, and I listened.  I listened and I thought.  I listened and I thought, and I asked for ideas.

Finally, frozen by indecision, I just began to move forward with…something.  I grabbed a domain name…played with some designs, concepts, configurations, and sheesh…it all started coming together.

In the coming days, I’ll be revealing this new campaign.  It’ll have a different look, theme, concept, logo, website, outlook, and result.

I’ll say this much…it’ll be interactive, community building, social, and involve prizes.

There.  I’ve already said too much.

Regardless, I hope you’ll continue to watch here for updates and launch information.

Oh, and if you didn’t get the chance, here are the PSA’s from last year:

Voice-Over PSA – Compilation of Voices by CourVO

Voice Over PSA 30-sec dialogue spot by CourVO

Voice Over PSA 30-sec compilation spot by CourVO





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