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Creativity is a gift.  My gifts primarily lie in other areas.

For instance, I would’ve never had the vision to conceptualize Twitter, but I’m a machine at working it’s function.

I know this about myself…so rather than work creative angles at marketing, I work what works…and one of the things that works is relationship.

Over the years, I’ve curried a style that is welcoming.  I engage people.  I offer help.  I suggest connections. I enable, I start conversations.

Jim Kukral

One day when Jim Kukral walked into the room, I started a conversation.

Jim Kukral makes his living on the internet.  He’s a self-styled Internet Business Coach.  He consults.  He builds online promotions.  He’s a sort of hustler, but in a nice, virtual way.  He does videos, he instructs.  He was the first one to introduce thousands to the Flip-cam.

I’ve seen Jim speak at various conferences (BlogWorld Expo for one) in Las Vegas, and he is also a welcoming personality.  Eventually he asked me to be the subject of one of his many podcasts featuring entrepreneurs.  That was months ago, and I’ve had only sporadic contact with him of late.  Little did I know, I’d planted some seeds.

Did I mention Jim is also an author?  He is, and his latest book includes his podcast interviews with budding entrepreneurs.  Guess who made the final cut?  Yep.  Yours truly.

Now, I still have no proof that this exposure will directly lead to voice over jobs.  I hope Jim’s book sells a million, and I get lots of calls.  I know for sure it’s exposure to many many more different people than I would’ve reached in my normal marketing stream…and isn’t that one of the things you would hope for somewhere in your marketing plan?

Jim’s book gets announced today (I think).  I’m waiting for his final word to be able to publish the link, so check back.  In the meantime, here’s the link to the interview I did with Jim:


…and it all started with a conversation.





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  1. Andy Boyns

    Congratulations, Dave – yours is a great example, and one which I know from my own experience works. For me it is all about relationships, as all the vo work I do today is as a direct result of making the effort to strike up conversations – often in a language in which I’m far from competent. It doesn’t matter… people are genuinely interested in people who are genuinely interested.
    Way to go!

    • CourVO

      Preachin’ to the choir, Andy…Preachin’ to the choir.

      Always good to hear from ya!

      Dave Courvoisier


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