VO’s Grandest Illusion

by | Jun 23, 2011 | Ruminations | 2 comments

We’ve all been there.  Years of practice, coaching, voicing, speaking, reading…over and over and over again, and we start believing our own newspaper clippings.

We start believing everybody wants to hear us speak.  They actually enjoy hearing us.  Who wouldn’t?  We’re so…practiced.  So accomplished with the spoken word.

But the illusion doesn’t stop there.  Not only do people want to hear our voice, but they actually want to hear what we have to say!…as if our pleasant voice makes our words important!

Luckily, rejected auditions, non-replies from clients, and frowns from voice coaches keep most of us on the straight-and-narrow.

I also have the added experience of having read news for 30 years, which has trained me in brevity and a concise delivery.

Attention spans today do not brook much patience with long drawn-out personal stories.  Even story tellers need to be frugal with their words too.  Most people just want us to get to the point.  Get the point?

OK, rant over.





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  1. Mike Coon

    Dear Dave:
    I’m confused about the point of this posting….I read your blog every day and regularly find valuable nuggets of information and wisdom. As a direct result of your writings, I have updated my website, purchased or signed up for new apps, blogs and services…all have helped me mature in my quest for a VO career. I am grateful for you.
    My confusion comes from the tone and message of this post. Were you responding to someone’s comment about you? Did you have a bad experience with an appearance? Are you trying to tell us to watch out for our egos getting in our way? Did you just feel the need to “vent” about something else?
    I’d appreciate knowing the back story, assuming the IS one…..

    • CourVO


      You have no idea how much I appreciate your support and your patronage on this blog.

      Admittedly, in retrospect, the blog to which you refer is a bit cryptic, and yes, I wrote it after listening to a bloated interview with a voice actor that seemed to drag on and on in self-important and self-absorbed tripe.

      Honestly, I’m usually not this critical…but I think it bears mention that in ALL endeavours and businesses, humility should have a prominent place in your approach to self-promotion.

      warm regards,

      Dave C


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