Still don’t “get” Twitter? Read This.

by | Jun 16, 2011 | Social Media/Networking

The lament comes through time and again.  “I just don’t get Twitter!” –or– “What’s up with Twitter?”

I hear ya.  I have three daughters from age 22 to 17 and they are ALL OVER FaceBook, but they don’t do Twitter.

Personally, I think it’s like the studies that say 30% of the US population likes it’s toilet paper coming out the bottom of the roll, and 70% like it coming off the top.  (see Wikipedia).  Twitter is not for everybody.

Nonetheless 200-million people found it alluring enough to at least open an account.

Brian Solis, one of the  most erudite writers on Social Media examines the “get it” factor in regards to Twitter in: THE TWITTER PARADOX.

His ultimate conclusion?  Like the bumble bee, Twitter shouldn’t fly, but it does.  He likens it to a “human seismograph”.

Take a few minutes to read the article.  Maybe you’ll understand some of your tweeting friends better.





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