10 Easy Website Flash Mp3 Players

by | Feb 19, 2011 | VO Community | 3 comments

This is a pretty good list of available flash players for embedding in websites, blogs, social media and more.

Embeddable flash players constitute a very creative and growing niche on the web. Some players are quite feature-rich, and while many are free or low-cost, others offer incredible options for a monthly fee or a sliding scale of features.

Also, you’ll find any number of services that offer phone conversation, or recorded sessions from your smartphone, then upload via email, from your smartphone, and do conversions on the fly. Others utilize storage “in the cloud” for easy access.

This can get to be fun!




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  1. Billy James

    Upside: Lots of attractive, easy-to-deploy players.

    Downside: “Creative?” Sure. “Growing?” Maybe not. Flash-based players are incompatible with visitors on iPad/iPhone browsers, and increasingly unpopular with Mac users in general due to Apple’s preference for HTML5 solutions. (Which is prompted by the substandard performance of the Mac version of Flash.) The popularity of Macs among content producers and creators makes this a point well worth pondering.

    How about a roundup of HTML5-compatible solutions?

    • CourVO


      Thanks for visiting and commenting. You are SO right. Back to searching!


    • Andy Boyns

      TGFG – Thank God For Google…

      I hadn’t realised there was a viable alternative to using flash for playing media, and certainly will explore this HTML5 avenue… if nothing else all those people who use their iPhones with the hope of listening to the demos on my website need no longer face disappointment!

      Just done a quick search and there’s lots of leads to follow…

      Thanks chaps!



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