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by | Jan 25, 2011 | Subscription Services | 1 comment

Dave, his mic, AND his iPad

C’mon…admit it…somewhere along the line you took…or you had someone else take, a picture of you at the mic.

Maybe now it’s worth it to try that again…only REALLY give it a good “shot”.

Why?  ‘Cause your winning shot may get you an iPad…and you don’t have to read far in this blog to know that I believe this to be a revolutionary evolutionary tool at the voice-actor’s disposal. is making this possible with their Photo Contest.  It’s a pretty nice promotion for, ’cause the picture has to include a screen shot of their website…but if you want an iPad bad enough, and have a nice smile…this may be worth the time.  See all the directions for the Photo Contest.




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1 Comment

  1. Andy Boyns


    Done and posted… I’m going for the cute factor, as William did me the honour of joining in!

    I’ve had a different routine for the past week or so, so had missed out on the update to your site – which normally is one of those ALWAYS open on my browser! Looking great. I’m with Mr Florian on his comment on the update, however. It is the content which draws us to you, and to have it so cleanly arrayed is merely a bonus. Thanks.



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