Return of the Parasite

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A round of warnings went out a couple of weeks ago about a producer preying on voice talent to get work done for him for nothing. I blogged about it here:  VO Parasites.  Terry Daniel‘s tale prompted THAT blog…he’d been stung.

Bobbin Beam is my inspiration this time. Apparently, she’s had a continuing brush-up with the guy too, as has Kim Alexandre (read her comment to my blog).

Rather than recap the escapade here, I suggest you go to Bobbin’s Blog.  Bobbin writes about it quite convincingly on “VoiceOver Scam Update”.  Alternatively, you can read about this joker on VoiceOverXtra as well.

Please be forewarned!




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  1. Mike Elmore

    I was HIRED to work on a project this guy created by a fairly well known producer. He was even provided a story board and budget break breakdown. This guy has too much time on his hands

  2. Mark Maurer

    Keep them honest.

    When booking on-line VO gigs with new clients I always insist on full payment via PayPal before the session begins.. I also request that they accept a short legal agreement to wit: “…..all voice-over recordings remain the sole,exclusive copyrighted property of (Your Name Here)…” You know the drill.


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