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They are out there. And it seems one persistent outfit keeps burning his bridges to the point where soon, EVERYONE will know about his scammy operation, and we can put him out of business.

Terry Daniel writes in the FaceBook Group (VoiceOver Friends) this warning:

“Man, these guys love me lately!  I provided this clown a sample and then his credit card was denied.  Then, he said he would overnight a money order which never came and gave me a fake tracking number.  He’s looking to get radio imaging liners done for an Internet radio station and obviously for free.  He goes by the name of Jim and John!  I did get him on the phone and I was suspicious immediately.  The e-mail address he’s using is [email protected]  Just wanted to give you the heads up.  Beware!  :-)”

I’ve seen several notices about this operati0n (or one very much like it) over the last year.

Check out who you’re accepting work from…ask for money up front if you’re suspicious.




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  1. Eric Simendinger

    Just got contacted by this guy, who didnt send us his phone number. He was interested in imaging work from one of our talent. I was doing a quick search on the internet for his phone number and found this post, so I quickly know not to waste anytime on him. Thanks again for posting this!

  2. Kimi Alexandre

    Yeah I was already played. I am so angry.

  3. Kimi Alexandre

    Btw – I found his site – Jim Saxon http://saxonproductions.org/Contact_Us.html

    I’ve contacted the number on the site and amusingly enough got his father. I explained that he owed me 200$ and expected him to call me or I’d work on seeing that his website was taken down.

    His father didn’t sound happy. LOL


  4. Katie

    Hello everyone! I also did work for James and was skeptical about him in the beginning. His responses were very vague and the station he wanted the work done for didn’t exist. I am curious why he hasn’t been turned over to a collections agency yet? Can someone explain?

  5. Sherril Stewart

    Here is some info I copied & pasted from his site:

    In Addition to my Music Carrear , I have also been on the air on WVOF 88.5 fm with my award winning radio show Radio Romance and The Jim Saxon Show. Ive had many guests from local and state politicians , radio personalities , comedians and actors , poets and writers and public activicits and artists from the local area bands to staple musicians in the industry such as Bobby Rydell , Fabian and Frankie Avalon , Paul Nelson just to name a few ! I also have graced the studios of WEZN ( Star 99.9 ) , WEBE 108 , and WICC.

    And ….I own my own mobile Disc Jockey and production studio Saxon Producitions ( SaxonProductions.org.)

    Well I hope you have learned a little about me and feel free to drop me a line if you’d like to learn more or have me be a part in your musical palate !

    Live , Laugh and Love,

    James A Norkawich

    Contact Info –

    [email protected] / [email protected]

  6. Bob James

    I also had done v/o work for this idiot. Number 1..This guy is a total fraud. He makes up things as he goes along..He never worked for Star 99.9,WEBE, WICC or any other radio station for that matter, I checked. He currently runs a sham or an internet radio station located at http:// http://www.stickam.com/thesunset This is allegedly linked to an FM station located in North Carolina on 101.7 called WRNC only problem is it does not exist and the calls WRNC are licensed to a college in Ohio. This dude is a total scam artist and has ripped many of the v/o community off. Stay FAR AWAY from this one folks. Pure scumbag!

    • CourVO

      Thanks for the confirmation, Bob… I hope we can nail this guy with some charges that stick some day!

      Dave C

  7. Jeff Augustine

    Believe it or not…this guy is still trying to scam. I just rec’d a request to voice and produce liners for the same bogus signal (107.1). After he contacted me through email, I did a quick search and not surprising the first thing that popped up was “VO scam artist”. Amazing he still uses the same name/alias. I obviously had requested payment up front before doing any work (knowing full well this wouldn’t happen). I really just wanted to toy with this clown. Unbelievable. Beware, this charlatan is still out there in 2016!!!


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