by | Nov 29, 2010 | Demos

A voice over friend wrote to ask me my opinion of  After all, my name and demo was listed under male talent on the site.  Hmm.

I’ll be the first to admit that for a couple of years, there, I was capriciously signing up for just about any VO-related website that had a microphone on its home page.  Along the way, I lost track of all the ones to which I sent a demo.

So, I fired up the browser, and checked ’em out.  You can too, by clicking their logo above.

Another “Hmmm”.

Nope…I’d remember that logo fur sure.  But, sure enough, an old demo of mine is listed.  I see no names of responsible parties under “contact” or “about”, and to be honest, I’ve not yet filled out their contact form to reach out to them.

I’m not sure how I feel about this.  I’d like to say there’s no real foul, there, ‘cept an old demo.  But then again, I shouldn’t have loose ends in my marketing plan and my brand dangling out there, un-managed.  I KNOW I haven’t gotten any work from this outfit.

I thought before I approach with an email, I’d throw this one open to my blog readers.  Anyone heard of this outfit?




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