Niche is the New Nebulous

by | Oct 3, 2010 | Webinar

Is it “Neesh” or “Nitch”?

‘Doesn’t matter.  Niche is so chic or kitschy that it’s become cheeky.

What I’m trying to say is “niche” no longer has meaning.  EVERYTHING = niche, so going by the algebraic law of equality, then, NICHE = everything.


You don’t have to be a postmodern existentialist to know there are so many niche’s in voice over, that it’s almost immaterial to have to say it!  VO is  “everything nebulous niche”.  Each commercial, each promo, each website narration IS ITS OWN NICHE.

Don’t get me wrong, there’s a big difference between reading an audiobook and doing an affiliate promo, but that doesn’t mean it’s not all VO.  Voice Over is ALL OF THAT and more.

It’s like telling someone from Italy that you’re from a small city about 50 miles South of Chicago called Kankakee.  “Oh, you’re from the USA?”  “Uh…yeah…”
It’s just easier to say “…I do voice overs.”  Then if someone REALLY wants to know…you can dig deeper.


And believe me, you should dig deeper…finding your niche will lead to more bookings for your VO business…the kind of bread ‘n’ butter jobs that keeps you flush while you work at de-throning Ashton Smith atop the kingdom of network promos.  😉

I say all that to mention an upcoming webinar on VoiceOverXtra Monday.  John Florian —  the VoiceOverXtra jack-of-all-trades — will be hosting Bettye Zoller for a session called:  “BRANCHING OUT TO NICHE MARKETS”.

I spent some time on the phone with Bettye Saturday.  She’s a bright person, with loads of practical experience, and she loves to tell it in her matter-of-fact way.  The price of the webinar is minimal.  The advice you get will more than compensate you for your expense.

Then you can go nibble away at your quiche…or is it niche?




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