Google Your Name

by | Oct 13, 2010 | Web/Tech

‘Said it before, and will keep saying it.  Set up a Google alert on your name, or your website, or maybe your brand slogan.  You’d be surprised and sometimes encouraged the places it shows up.

Yesterday’s Google Alert for “CourVO” and “Dave Courvoisier” turned up a sweet mention on a VO site in Ireland: PieHole. “9 International Voices That Will Make You Swoon”.  (I’m international!)

Here’s another one from yesterday:  “Who’s Following Whom?” ‘Can’t honestly say what the purpose of this page is, but if you scroll down about a quarter-of-a-page in the right hand column you’ll see my face.  Something to do with Twitter, I guess.  Just another link for the SEO bots to find!

And finally, my daily TV News YouTube video landed on a page called LasVegasRich.

There are some others, and some dead-ends too.  But if you’re going to be part of the Social Media scene, it’s important to keep track, thank, re-tweet, or otherwise continue the conversation.  This can actually lead to leads.




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