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by | Oct 13, 2010 | Compensation

Nothing dogs a freelancer more than the issue of fair pay.

The freelance voice talent I know struggle mightily with this on the various forums (see yesterday’s blog, Lively LinkedIn)  I’m not going to beat this horse too much more, but I’m fascinated by it.

Well-established voice talent don’t seem to waste much time on it.  They have a price and stick to it (Did they always when they were newbs?  No!).  The rest of us rabble seem to writhe in endless agony over the question of fair pay for fair work.

Paul Strikwerda, who always writes cogently on this issue, pointed out the standard 2008 article on about the “Fast Good Cheap” answer.

Members of the VO-BB constantly remind each other to “get spiney” or hold the line on the urge to sell-out for the low-ball.

Here’s a new article I found on another freelance site:  Read Joe Wallace’s article “Be Fearless” (kind like spiney, I guess).




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